Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Workshops

I hope you have all been to the Kaszazz website and checked out the new products!!!! How fantastic are they? If you have not been yet please, do so soon. http://www.kaszazz.com/ is where you need to go. Ok, the photos shown here are of two new workshops. Both of these workshops are made using the new products and will be on my list of workshops to do in the coming months. The little album, i have already re -made in the castaway paper and I must say it looks rather impressive. The album has little pages that fold out and some of the pages have windows for photos. I loved making the little album. (I think I will have to make a few to put away for presents, throughout the year). I do need to apologise for these photos coming a few days later than I had said. I have been having problems getting the site to put my photos in. All seems to be better now.

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brig said...

Had a ball doing the workshop with you. Adore the new paper, LOVE the new stamps and can't wait to do more workshops with you. BRig :)