Thursday, September 18, 2008


This card is made for a card swap group that I am apart of. I had recently purchased the Paper Doll cartridge for the cricut and thought I may as well take this opportunity to use this cartridge. Love it. What a fun time I am going to have with this cartridge. The Cricut (I have the expressions model) is a die cut machine that uses different cartridges with images to cut out the shapes. (Hope that made sense) Anyway, you just choose your image press a few buttons and the cricut does the rest. I have used scrap paper for the doll and her accessories (hair, dress, shoes and crown). The frog was an after thought. I have used scrap paper for the frog and the blue background. I have mounted it onto black A5 card. I have water marked the background using perfect medium and the circle stamps from the Treasured Memories set of stamps available only through Kaszazz. The rhinestones were something I had lying around. To finish it of it is stamped with a stamp it, Happy Birthday script stamp (available through Kaszazz), inked in Crafters Black ink. A white gel pen was used to add the border


Okay, I know Kaszazz has nothing to do with either but I do own them and it was sometime before I joined Kaszazz that I purchased them. With the Craft Fair coming up, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get rid of some of my old papers (that aren't Kaszazz) and play with my cuttlebug and cricut again. For those of you who do not know what either are, the Cuttlebug is a diecut and embossing machine. It is hand operated by a handle. It is such a simple gadget use. I do not own any die cut bits, for it, as that is what I use my cricut for. To emboss you just need an embossing folder, paper placed in the centre of the folder and some mats designed for the machine. Then you just roll through. Embossing done. This card is made using the Paisley design folder. The cakes are cut with the cricut. I have once again used alumium foil for the embossing (found in most kitchens). I have learnt with practice, it is best to layer your foil with a little glue (stick) in the middle of the layers. Usually three layers is good. This helps to stop the aluminium foil ripping/tearing. Mounted the foil onto red crimson card, with glue stick. The red card is mounted on to white A5 card using super tape. White organdy ribbon is wrapped around the foil and stuck with a little bit of super tape. I have used Lucy stamps mini messages for the congratulations. This was stamped using crafters black ink.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More to Share Later....

I am going to leave you all for tonight. Hope I have left enough for you to look at and maybe get a few ideas. I do have alot more to share, but do not want to do it all in one night. I will be back soon. Have fun crafting!!!!!! Talk soon

Team Training Day

Hi, to everyone that went to the training day at Hillcrest held by Debbie Dawson. I do not know about you, but the new products are amazing and I was extremely excited when I found out I had qualified for the free pack of new products. The new products are definately a new direction, and style for Kaszazz. I believe they are heading in the right direction!! I am so glad I joined up when I did. It has allowed me to watch Kaszazz (formally known as Crafty Kids), grow and become what they have today. Well Done all at Kaszazz. I am hanging out to get my hands on some more of the wonderful products. Thanks Debbie for designing the new "all Boy" card 5 projects quick workshop. It is a great way to show of the wonderful new stamps designed towards the male population. Hope you all like these cards as much as I do.

A Quick Christmas Card

These two cards, were originally designed to use up some scrap paper. Instead they ended up making more scraps as I liked them and made multipules for a fair I will be doing in about three weeks with Paula. They are really easy and quick to make. The holly and the ornaments stamps are rollagraphs. What an wonderful concept rollagraphs are?!! Rollagraphs are amazing. For more information on rollagraphs send me a message. I am finding it easier and easier to find an excuse to purchase new rollagraphs. The green card, is made with the ornament stamp. The stamp is rolled over a Kaliedicolor fruit cake ink pad (we do not sell these unfortunately). The gold paper is some old paper I had lying around. The red card, is made with the holly rollagraph. It is rolled in the rollagraph black ink using a self inking handle. I have coloured in the holly with tombow pens (another favourite product).

I'm Back!!!

Hi everyone, I am back with lots to show and tell. I was hoping to be back this afternoon at the latest, but had a project/workshop to organise for a community centre (that I maybe doing in October). All the details were required by today. Ok, back to the sharing ideas. I have done quite a few Christmas cards lately. For those of you who know what I am talking about I have done the Enchanted workshop created by Naomi Elliot. I love the use of the Castaway paper and the white embossing powder. The snow white ribbons are just beautiful and they set the cards of in a lovely way. I hope you all like them as much as I do!! If anyone is interested in finding out more or would be interested in the workshop please let me know. I will be more than happy to show you.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hi Everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to add something new to my blog. I feel like I am neglecting you all. Unfortunately you will have to wait just a little while longer. My life as been the busiest it has been for a while and I do not think it is going to let up anytime soon. Hopefully with by Wednesday 17th September, I will have posted some new things for you to look at. I am off to a consultant team training day tomorrow. I cannot wait!!! Lots of new products are to be released and a couple of new projects will be shown to us. As soon as I find out more and am able to have a few moments to share with you all - I will be back. Hope you are all having fun crafting, while I am unable:( Till early next week have fun crafting