Monday, March 26, 2012

Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 Online Class

Hi lovely followers. The last week has been a complete mind opening experience. It has reminded me how much fun I can have mixing mediums. Tim, is a complete inspiration and listening to him explain how, what, why makes it all so much easier. It has also, reminded me of how
much I do already know. It has also helped me to remember, just doing what you love just for the fun of it, is never a bad thing. On Day 5 we learnt about spritz's and Stains. Stains, are now my
must have medium and will be for a while. So, do not be surprised if you see them on lots of projects.

In the photo, you will see direct to paper use of distress stains and marbling technique.

A huge thanks must go to Tim Holtz and his amazing team, for allowing us into "Tim's World". I am so looking forward to this weeks classes (especially todays Distress Markers!!!). The weekend seemed rather long without any classes :(

I am sure I will be back really soon, with more to share.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Here's my next challenge piece. Our challenge was to use as many as possible from the following list 1. Spritz 2. Buttons 4. Glitter 5. Design adhesives 6. Perfect pearls.

Lots of fun and easy. Not my usual style. Love trying something new. It's kind of turned into a mixed media, white space layout.