Monday, June 30, 2008

Better Late than Never!!!

I know I have no excuse!!! So, here are just a few of the things I have made in the last week or so.
The first is a clock. I have not added any photos, like our catalogue suggests (mainly because i think this design does not need 1). The paper used her is the Chateau Rose (from the Enchanted Range).
The second is a little note card. Don't you think it is rather cute? It is a new demo item released for demonstrators to show their customers. I think if i do it again, I might choose another colour. My last lot of customers suggested I make it in pinks and reds rather than blue. (I know blue was choosen because of the new enchanted paper). I have inked around the edges in ancient page lapis blue and used the a piece of Alpine Dream paper (from the Enchanted range) to wrap around the card.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Not Much too Show

Sorry guys, I have been a little slack this week!! To be honest I have been going to sleep earlier because of the weather. I have also started a diet and this has made me more lethargic than usual. I will try and add a few more pic (with descriptions by the end of today). I have attempted two new projects - a clock and a flourish family tag book (the tag book is a workshop I am doing tonight and again on Sunday) Have fun till I get a chance to come back!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Creative Monday

I got creative yesterday, with the little time I had between the running around I had to do. Kaszazz have just released some new workshops for consultants to do with their customers. Love them!!!! Especially the new box in boxes workshop. I was in a hurry to give this workshop a go. So with the little time available to me, I some how managed to get one made. I also made a castaway tag and pocket book, (which is another workshop). Yes, i was up late and have had little sleep. After achieving the completion of these two projects, I believe it may be time for me to set myself some new goals. Not really sure how this will work with our busy family life- things change every minute around here. I think it is time for me to try one new project a week! (Ok, lets be realistic this is probably going to turn into a fortnight). How does everyone else out there, mangage to find the time to do all the little things they would like to do???? Time runs out so fast - I never have enough hours. Ok, enough ..... Back to yesterdays projects. The tag and pocket book is done in some of the castaway range of papers (only available through Kaszazz) and the box of boxes is done in the last of my Gelati range of papers (you guessed it only available through Kaszazz). It will be time for me to find another range of papers to fall in love with. I have put in an order today. Lets see if when it comes I get some new inspiration.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Friday Night

Friday night stated out with me not achieving much at all. By 2am Satuday morning I had put together a Flourish cut and crop (exclusive to Kaszazz). The last two pages (which i will not post just yet) have been changed from the original instructions that come with the kit. I was not sure I was going to like the pages when i started. Once I really got into it and started adding my own flare to things, I loved how the pages started to look. As yet, i have not added the photos or embellishments. However, I know once I located the photos that I think will look great on the pages, I know it will not take long to finish. The cut and crops are a great way to get introduced to scrapbooking. They are also great for the more advanced scrappers, as they give you a different way to use the papers, that you may not have thought about yourself

Decorated Tin Case

My tin case is done! It was quite easy and did not take as much time as I thought it would. Love the outcome. The paper looks fantastic. I have used the small dragonfly stamp (an exclusive stamp to Kaszazz, made by Lucy stamps) to stamp around the sides of the tin. I used the Pink Pastel Chalk ink for this image. The paper is from the Gelati Range of papers through Kaszazz - it is called "Stripy Journal". The strips on the top of the tin is the reverse side of the "Stripy Journal" paper. I Love these strips! The Cherish circle stamp and the Love heart stamp are from the new release of products (that came out in May). They are in a set called Love and Cherish (a set of 8 stamps). The ribbons used are also available separately though Kaszazz or you can purchase them in a pack (6 different designs - 2 metres of each).

Tin Case

This tin case is available through Kaszazz. To be very honest, I have had my tin for quite some time. I have been very undecided about what (gorgeous) paper I wanted to use to decorate it. It is a tin I use to put my basic Kaszazz products in. I want to be able to find it easily on my tables of supplies. So, after making my waterfall concertina mini album, I thought my Gelati range of papers would look great on my tin. With a little time free during the week, I decided it was time to cut up the papers and just do it.

May Card Swap

Here is a card I designed for the Card Swap group. Our guidelines were to make an A5 card (folded to make A6). Main colours had to be green, pink and orange. The words for the card had to be related to friendship. I used tombow pens to colour in the background. (The background was made using a rollagraph with the floral breeze stamp.) The circles were cut using the curvy cutter system. The stamp "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet....." is a stamp it wood mounted stamp. It was stamped in vivid butterscotch ink. The pink ribbon is organdy. All products used for this project are available through KASZAZZ.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Waterfall Workshop

Hi All,
Thanks for joining me last night, to make 3 waterfall projects. Hope you all had a great time and learnt a few new paper techniques!! Thanks to Brig for supplying the chipboard album covers for the last project. Another big thank you for Kari, for inspiring me to get off my big bum, and make the chipboard waterfall album in the Gelati paper (and for altering the measurements so the album worked better). For those of you, who have no idea what we are talking about checkout the photo. If you would like to know more, drop me a line. The 1st image is the cover to the waterfall album. The 2nd image is a stamped image of the small dragaonfly stamp (from the Lucy Stamps range available exclusively through Kaszazz). The last image is the end of the album - just the last two pages. I love the swirl stamp (also a Lucy Stamp). I have used Olive vivid ink to stamp the swirl and the dragonfly. The dragonfly has been stamped over the top with Butterscotch vivid ink. All the paper used is from the Gelati range of papers, also exclusive to Kaszazz. The stamped saying on the front (Love is the master key.....) and the Key Lock (found on the pull tag), are also exclusive to Kaszazz. They are part of a set of 8 stamps called Love and Cherish (also from the Lucy Stamps Range). If you want a closer look, just click on the images .