Sunday, June 8, 2008

Waterfall Workshop

Hi All,
Thanks for joining me last night, to make 3 waterfall projects. Hope you all had a great time and learnt a few new paper techniques!! Thanks to Brig for supplying the chipboard album covers for the last project. Another big thank you for Kari, for inspiring me to get off my big bum, and make the chipboard waterfall album in the Gelati paper (and for altering the measurements so the album worked better). For those of you, who have no idea what we are talking about checkout the photo. If you would like to know more, drop me a line. The 1st image is the cover to the waterfall album. The 2nd image is a stamped image of the small dragaonfly stamp (from the Lucy Stamps range available exclusively through Kaszazz). The last image is the end of the album - just the last two pages. I love the swirl stamp (also a Lucy Stamp). I have used Olive vivid ink to stamp the swirl and the dragonfly. The dragonfly has been stamped over the top with Butterscotch vivid ink. All the paper used is from the Gelati range of papers, also exclusive to Kaszazz. The stamped saying on the front (Love is the master key.....) and the Key Lock (found on the pull tag), are also exclusive to Kaszazz. They are part of a set of 8 stamps called Love and Cherish (also from the Lucy Stamps Range). If you want a closer look, just click on the images .


brig said...

Love the album. Definately going to buy the gelati paper now!!!!

Kari said...

Looks gorgeous! Love all the stamping you did on the album, the colours are beautiful together.
Thankyou for a great night too - it was nice to be learning for the night instead of demo-ing!!
Great blog too, might have to put you on my favourites list!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Alicia,
Well done on working out the world of internet!! I had fun at the workshop and look forward to finishing off my waterfall album with pictures soon. I have a few people that may be interested in further workshops - as you are my team leader we could perhaps to one jointly.