Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Friday Night

Friday night stated out with me not achieving much at all. By 2am Satuday morning I had put together a Flourish cut and crop (exclusive to Kaszazz). The last two pages (which i will not post just yet) have been changed from the original instructions that come with the kit. I was not sure I was going to like the pages when i started. Once I really got into it and started adding my own flare to things, I loved how the pages started to look. As yet, i have not added the photos or embellishments. However, I know once I located the photos that I think will look great on the pages, I know it will not take long to finish. The cut and crops are a great way to get introduced to scrapbooking. They are also great for the more advanced scrappers, as they give you a different way to use the papers, that you may not have thought about yourself


Erin VanderWal said...

I saw that you are in Stampin Up, have you ever heard of Uppercase Living? If not, check out
Your stuff is very cute!

Anonymous said...

It was a busy friday night. Fun though. Definately going to try more cut n crops. LOVE the flourish paper.


Kari said...

So it isn't me that is the bad influence stopping you from getting started with stuff on a Friday!!! The layouts look great!