Monday, March 26, 2012

Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 Online Class

Hi lovely followers. The last week has been a complete mind opening experience. It has reminded me how much fun I can have mixing mediums. Tim, is a complete inspiration and listening to him explain how, what, why makes it all so much easier. It has also, reminded me of how
much I do already know. It has also helped me to remember, just doing what you love just for the fun of it, is never a bad thing. On Day 5 we learnt about spritz's and Stains. Stains, are now my
must have medium and will be for a while. So, do not be surprised if you see them on lots of projects.

In the photo, you will see direct to paper use of distress stains and marbling technique.

A huge thanks must go to Tim Holtz and his amazing team, for allowing us into "Tim's World". I am so looking forward to this weeks classes (especially todays Distress Markers!!!). The weekend seemed rather long without any classes :(

I am sure I will be back really soon, with more to share.


nat said...

Lovely samples, you are so on the ball i havent even done any yet, but know that i will get to it at some stage.

Winnie said...

Lovely tags! Love the backgrounds you were ableto create! This is just a blast. Thanks for sharing your creations. It is part of the fun for me, seeing what others are making.