Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Quick Christmas Card

These two cards, were originally designed to use up some scrap paper. Instead they ended up making more scraps as I liked them and made multipules for a fair I will be doing in about three weeks with Paula. They are really easy and quick to make. The holly and the ornaments stamps are rollagraphs. What an wonderful concept rollagraphs are?!! Rollagraphs are amazing. For more information on rollagraphs send me a message. I am finding it easier and easier to find an excuse to purchase new rollagraphs. The green card, is made with the ornament stamp. The stamp is rolled over a Kaliedicolor fruit cake ink pad (we do not sell these unfortunately). The gold paper is some old paper I had lying around. The red card, is made with the holly rollagraph. It is rolled in the rollagraph black ink using a self inking handle. I have coloured in the holly with tombow pens (another favourite product).

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