Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaszazz creative swap No.9

Wow, hard to believe we have made it to number 9 for the year. For those of you who have just found my blog, I started a simple swap every fortnight with the girls in my team. This was to make us all think outside our usual comfort zone and for us to try out techniques or products we would not normally try. Because we all live extremely busy lives and have families with young children, we thought it would be easier if we could just make one of the swap and just post the pictures on our blogs or facebook. Since this began at the beginning of the year I have had a few requests from customers (consultants) about joining the swap.

Because we were only making one of the swaps, we needed a more neutral place for everyone to be able to post their creations. Facebook was our answer. Thanks to Felicity for helping me set up the "Kaszazz creative challenge" page available for all to view and put their creations on.

I am also still posting on my blog as a lot of my customers are not members of facebook.

So, this fortnights challenge (now due on the 23rd of May), is all about mum. I have asked the followers to do a scrapbook page about MUM - whether it be about their mums or themselves as a mum. The challenge this time also had a colour component. Very little pink, blue and yellow (what possessed me to decide that I will never know). Good luck with the challenge. I am looking forward to seeing what you all come up with

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