Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rustic Silhouette Christmas Cards

I had some quiet time this afternoon, while all my boys were at a working bee for SES. I took the time to create these set of cards for a wonderful group of ladies that attend my workshops Monday afternoons. We are doing Christmas cards once a fortnight until Christmas.
I have been hanging out to really play with the new silhouette stamps. They are just beautiful.
So, with this uninterrupted time on my hands, I sat and stamped and created to my hearts content. A few hours later, I was quite impressed with the finished cards. These will be going in my pile of "please write up and submit". Just give me a little time to do this. I have three projects going in this week and I am holding 4 workshops this week too.

Have fun creating. Be back soon. With more to share.


Fi said...

I like these cards, Alicia as I do a lot of your creations. Very talented & inspiring. Well done!

Alicia's Creative Space said...

Thanks Fi. Lovely to hear your feedback. :)