Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perfect Pearl

Kids are already in bed (about 7:20pm). The house is quiet and hubby has knicked off to Bunnings. I am on my own fiddling with some Perfect Pearls that I have not played with for a long time. While I was playing, i found myself pulling out my cuttlebug and some embossing folders. Before I knew it, I had my perfect medium pen colouring in the embossing (made by the cuttlebug) and I was then dusting over my perfect pearls. I am impressed. I think it turned out quite well, for a freakish Wednesday evening. So I am sharing a lot quicker than I had expected. Sorry about the photo. I do not think it does justice to the card or the perfect pearls used. Have a great evening and who knows with any luck I will be back tomorrow...... (LOL!!!)

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Kari said...

looks lovely Alicia! I'll have to find the link for you showing how to ink up your 'bug folders and emboss the card leaving the card embossed AND stamped! More fun! Hope to see you this coming Friday! :) K