Saturday, January 23, 2010

Creative Kaszazz Swap 2010

Well, this week has flown by. School, goes back next week and I am not ready for that routine all over again.

I have tried in the past to start a creative swap. I have had limited success in keeping it going as we are all so extremely busy. It seemed that making more than one was becoming an issue and time was not in anyones favour. So, with the new year, a new challenge came to me. Why not do a swap that was, posting a photo of the creation?. It meant no more making multipules. It meant we could all just do it in our own time, and we all seemed to be on facebook or on our blogs all the time. So what could be easier than uploading to one or both of these options. The girls in my team, have decided to join my challenge. Four of the girls have taken on the 1st challenge. They have mainly posted their photos on facebook (no suprise really). I am going to upload mine on facebook and on here. I might also let you all know what the challenges are as I let the girls know. If anyone is interested in joining let me know and we will see if there is away for you to join. The only requirement is that you use Kaszazz products (Not deleted/retired etc) Only current.

The 1st swap was "Romance" I asked the girls to think outside their usual comfort zone. Some achieved this. I came up with several ideas. I will try and post a few of them. The one I decieded to post as my submission to the swap is these cute little acetate boxes, that could be used for thank you gifts at weddings or to give to your loved on on Valentines day. Let me know what you think (They are so, much fun to make)

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