Sunday, February 21, 2010

3rd Swap for 2010

I almost forgot to post these on here. Good thing I remembered. These two cards are what I made for this fortnights card swap. I could not decide which one I wished to use. So, I thought I'd share both. The theme for this swap was something from nature and it must include some SB paper somewhere. Amazingly both cards were made from left overs in my scrap file. It is amazing what you can do with a few little pieces of leftover paper.

For the next swap due in a fortnight (7th March), we have decided to try and do a scrapbook page. This could be challenge as a few of us are very short on time, so we shall see how we go. The theme for the scrapbook page is animals. All Kaszazz products must be used. If time allows you may turn it into a double page layout or make it into a page and pocket pieces (that will fit nicely into our pebbles albums). I am hanging out to see what the girls achieve. Love sharing ideas, techniques and layouts. Until next time have fun crafting!!

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