Tuesday, April 19, 2011

List of fours - a little about me

Well, here I am again. This time I have been tagged by Alicia Wardrop to play along with a blog game. So keep reading to find out more.
Four Shows you watch regularly:
1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Parenthood
3. Offspring
4. Castle
Wow, that was hard. Cannot say I watch a lot of television.
Four things you are passionate about:
1. My family (immediate and extended)
2. Creating.
3. Life
4. Kaszazz
Four Phrases/words you say alot
1. No Worries
2. Love Ya
3. awesome
4. Pick that up!
Four things you have learnt from the past
1. Life is way too short. Live every moment like its your last
2. Love as often as possible
3. Cherish those who mean the most
4. Learn from your mistakes, often they lead to great discoveries
Four Places you would like to go: (easy never been anywhere)
1. New Orleans/USA
2. Spain
3. Greek Isle
4. France
Four things you did yesterday:
1. Kicked a football
2. Lied in the park with the boys and told jokes
3. the dishes
4. checked my email
Four things you are looking forward too
1. our upcoming family holiday
2. crafting as soon as I am finished on here
3. gettting a hug from hubby when he comes home from work
4. Spending time with family over Easter
Four things you love about Spring
1. the weather
2. new life
3. enjoying the great outdoors
4. camping
Now 4 people to tag along:
well, hope everyone likes my answers, and the four ladies above to not mind being tagged. Have a great night everyone. I will be back soon with some creations to share

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