Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Interesting Week

this week has brought a few extra challenges to our lives. Hubby had surgery on Tuesday, and will now be off of work for a minimum of two weeks (most likely six weeks - still to be determined). He is home now and is recovering slowly. This has meant, I have had to slow things down with classes from home and me running about. I will be back up and running at usual pace as soon as things slow down here.

My boys start school holidays in just over a week and that will hopefully mean I will be able to get back into my favourite room to craft to my hearts content. (Only time will tell).

I have a few projects that I have had fun playing with. If time allows I will pop past and post some pics for you.

Classes will be running (hopefully) from next week and over the holidays. As, soon as I have had a chance to look at the new projects on line I will let you know what we will be up too.

Oh, while I remember, If you are fan of Kaszazz on facebook, you may have been lucky enough to see my double layout of my niece. Kaszazz are using it as an advertisement for new projects. I was really excited to see it there.

Until, I have a chance to pop back, have fun crafting


Zena Melville said...

your Cheeky Girl layout is gorgeous. My customers are raving about it! Thank you for sharing!
Zena Melville

Alicia's Creative Space said...

Your welcome Zena. Glad you and your customers like it :)