Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time has flown and then Conference 2011......

Wow, the past few months have been very interesting and a massive amount of things and offers have come into my life. I have to say. I am starting to realise my passions are for creating and I have missed my time spent on here showing you all the things I have created. Time has flown by. I am going to get back into sharing and showing you all what it is I have been up to. You will notice a few changes, once I start putting photos back up. They will have a watermark on them with my name on it. After my last post I was a little disappointed that there were a few people out they taking my photos and claiming them as there own on their blogs, or they had taken my photos and not mentioned where the photos were from. This confused not only me but a few of my loyal , lovely customers were sending me messages about it.

Moving on. CONFERENCE 2011, WAS AMAZING. Kaszazz are an amazing company with lots of great rewards and exciting products that are being added to on a regular basis. Now is the most amazing time to join Kaszazz. If you would like to join Kaszazz there is no better time. Get of your seat and ring your nearest consultant. The amazing offer will only be available for an extremely short time and if I was not a consultant I would be signing up again in a heart beat.

Not only does Kaszazz have the greatest products and the most amazing joining deal at the moment, they also have some of the friendliest people in Australia on their team. Beautiful, talented ladies, that love creating and sharing with everyone.

I have some great new products to share along with the great projects we made. However, they will have to wait just a few days more. I am overly tired from the three day event and just need to get some sleep and absorb all the information that I have accumulated.

I do promise to be back

P.s If I have not come back feel free to send me a message to remind me.


Kelly G said...

So glad to hear you are back!!! I have missed your creativeness and eagerness to share your creations with us all.
I can't believe people have done that with your pictures. I am still only newish to the blogging world - but I always put a reference back to the creator - or at least the blog I found it on.

Alicia's Creative Space said...

:) Thanks Kelly.