Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

Just when you think life cannot get anymore busier, life takes and interesting turn. We have had all sorts of wonderful, not so wonderful and some very challenging moments over the last few months. Christmas was an interesting time all by itself. Birthdays. Let me just say, there is a total of 8 birthdays just in our family (and extended family). And to make the birthdays more exciting the kids had a few extra invites that we had to squeeze in. New years was probably our most quiet moment. Which I am not upset about. A lovely friend (and fellow consultant) joined me in some much needed scraping. It was bliss. The scrapbooking/creative mojo lasted three more days and I achieved a mountain of amazing projects to show you. So, as time goes by I will show them to you.

Since, then I have been getting ready for Team Training Day. I love these events. I have great pleasure in sharing my home and family with fellow consultants, and sharing awesome new stamps, papers and products. More on these over the following days and weeks.

For now, here is a frame that I managed to put together for TTD, with the amazing new products.

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