Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Campbelltown Moonlight Market

We are excited to be able to be apart of this new market in Campbelltown, this coming Friday night 3 February 2012. This sounds like an amazing night of craft, fashion, food and live music.


John said...

It had the potential to be an amazing night and the turnout was good.

But the fact that alcohol was being sold and consumed at the venue was a real spoiler and the parking was absolutely awful. You would have thought that organisers would have arranged to have Traffic Controllers there for such a narrow street and limited parking area.

Too much jewellery there and not enough variety re food and other items which is ok for a first market but the alcohol did it for me. Alcohol makes it an adult event, not a family one and I won't be back.

Alicia's Creative Space said...

Hi John

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to find my blog.

You have made some very valid points about the market. I will make sure that your comment is forwarded to the appropriate market organisers.

Thanks again

Lisa said...

Hi there. I've just seen the comments about the Moonlight Markets and would like to add my 2c worth.

I attended the first one and agree with the comments made about alcohol and parking. The stalls were also placed too close together. It was a nightmare trying to see what was actually on sale and I thought the representation of goods was woeful.

I understand that the crew from Gilles St markets was organising this gig. If so, I expected a lot more that what I found there. Because, to be honest, what I found was really slack. A lot more could have been done.

Would be interested to find who you actually forward remarks to Alicia as when I inquired as to who was actually supposed to be organising the markets I was given three different answers! :)

Alicia's Creative Space said...

Hi Lisa it is a joint adventure, between the Campbelltown council and a private event co ordinator. I have been forwarding all feedback to the both of these. I have heard through the grapevine only recently that yes, someone from the Gilles street markets is involved, who they are and how we contact them I have no idea.
I know for a fact that there has been a huge amount of feedback. I also know that there has been a big change in the market stalls that will be present at the next event.