Saturday, April 17, 2010

Here is a picture of the 1st lot of storage I could not live without. They are simple plastic boxes from Ikea, that cost around $6. They hold more than you think and are extremely light. Stackable, which makes them fantasic when space is an issue. The boxes are approximately 35cm in length, 20cm wide and 7cm deep. As you can see they clearly have three compartments. When purchased they do come with other smaller dividers to make the larger sections smaller.
This picture shows you can fit our ink pads in them. I have a box for each of our major ink ranges (Vivid, Distress, Ancient Page, and Colorbox Archival and Colorbox Fluid Chalk). I just grabbed a handful of each and put in one box just so you could see that they fit really easily. (the Vivid inks do lie down - they are just standing up so you can see them).

They are also fantastic for embossing powders, glitter and distress crackle paint. Needless to say I have a container for each of these products to.

As you can see you can fit all of the Distress Embossing powders in one container. How fantastic is that?

I will be back soon with some more ideas. Stay tuned....................

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