Monday, May 14, 2012

Closer to a big Dream coming true

I cannot explain my excitement this afternoon after opening an email from Kaszazz.  I am still sitting on a little cloud pinching myself.  Now,its time to take the plunge.

For those who know my passion for creating would also know I have a massive passion for all things "TIM HOLTZ" related.  Inks, books, videos, you tube, embossing powders and the new markers.  The list goes on.  Well, thanks to Kaszazz I am a massive step closer to meeting this amazingly creative man.

So, with a little more luck, the next email I send will get me through the door to be in the same room as Tim Holtz.  WOW.  The invitation has ment more to me than I thought it would.  I am crossing fingers and toes and praying to the creative gods.  Hopefully we will find out more early next week.

So a massively gigantic thank you to all my amazing customers and team who have helped me get this far.  Creative dreams can come true if you believe and work hard.  Passion helps. LOL....

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