Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cute Little Bags

Team Training Day was held this nationally this weekend.  It was awesome.  I had the best time.  And the most exciting news is the unbelievable products that Kaszazz has released.  In the five years I have been with Kaszazz I have not seen the anything like this.  Totally lovable, and fully amazing embellishments, papers and stamps.  The ladies, were blown away with what I had to show them.  And the new catalogue - WOW!!!!! it is beautiful, amazing and inspiring.  I cannot wait to share it with all the paper loving crafters I know.  This is going to be a complete joy to share.  

The little bags are what I made to thank those that attended my TTD.  Inside, they found their "thanks for coming" gift and a little treat (a mars bar).  More on the thanks for coming gift, tomorrow.  

Over the coming days I will share with you the amazing creations we got to see and make at TTD. I am sure they are going to inspire and amaze you.  I think Kaszazz is taking a huge leap, and it is going to pay off in a huge way.

I will be back real soon.

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